The lessons are great for everyone, young and old because each lesson is customized to meet your needs.

Sure, you can learn to shape on your own by trial and error, which can be frustrating at times, or you can have someone guiding you along the way.
With the help of Nuno Matta by your side, your board will come out amazing.




What I take from the class

  1. One Surfboard
  2. Shaping tools
  3. Shaping manual
  4. Welcome package
  5. The knowledge to shape surfboards


Shaping classes

1st Class (2 hours)

Surfboard Basics
Surfboard Measurements

2nd Class (2 hours)

Shape3d + CNC machine

3rd Class (1 hour)

Watch shaping a surfboard

4th Class (2 hours)

Bild shaping tools

5th class (2 hours)

Shape a surfboard

What to bring?

* Camera / Phone
* Notepad
* Water Bottle
* Close-toe Shoes
* Your clothes will get dusty

Safety Gear

* Must wear close-toe shoes
* Dust Mask (we will provide)


How do I book one of your workshop ?

We don’t have an online booking system, so, please email

How long are the shaping lessons?

Your first surfboard will take a 5 lessons with a total of 9 hours.

How much experience do I need?

No experience necessary. Designed for people with no previous shaping experience or those that want to improve their skills.
One-on-one instruction by Nuno Matta to shape a surfboard from a foam blank.

I’d like to book a shaping lesson as a gift. What’s the best way to go about doing this?

We don’t have an online booking system, so, please email

Do you have a physical gift card I can use to give the person?

Yes, we have physical gift cards.

For any info, please, email –

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